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Encore, StimulusBundle & their Recipe Changes


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Let's keep upgrading recipes.

symfony/twig-bundle Recipe Update

Next up is TwigBundle. This has a conflict in the one file it updated: templates/base.html.twig.

And... it's odd. You can see our custom content here.... then the default title with the default favicon down below. Keep our custom stuff, and delete this comment. We don't need that.


git add templates


git diff --cached

This shows symfony.lock of course, but there was a change to base.html.twig: it removed encore_entry_link_tags() and encore_entry_script_tags(). Why?

The Rearranging of Recipes

One big recent addition to the Symfony frontend world was StimulusBundle. On its own, that's no big deal. But, when it was introduced, various recipes were rearranged. A few changes that used to live in the recipe for one package packed up and moved to another.

For example, these lines used to be part of TwigBundle's recipe, but they moved to the recipe for WebpackEncoreBundle. So when we update the TwigBundle recipe, it looks like these lines should be removed.

Of course, we do still need these, but accept this change temporarily. We'll see these get added back later when we upgrade the WebpackEncoreBundle recipe.

symfony/webpack-encore-bundle Recipe Update

Ok, commit this and... let's do our last recipe update: WebpackEncoreBundle!

And... more conflicts. We can't catch a break. Run:

git status

Ok, in package.json, we have a number of changes. The recipe is trying to upgrade us from Encore version 3 to 4. The biggest difference between 3 and 4 is that it's now your responsibility to have a few packages in your package.json, like webpack itself... or the babel packages.

Let's keep version 4... and keep everything else. This is a mixture of custom packages that we've added and the new ones needed for Encore 4.


git add package.json

Then check out what else changed with git diff. Some meaningless config, package.json and symfony.lock. webpack.config.js holds some low-level changes: using a newer version of core.js and the plugin-proposal-class-properties isn't needed anymore.

So, boring, but all good stuff! Commit that recipe. And because we just updated package.json, in the other tab, hit Control+C to stop yarn. Then run

yarn install

to get the latest node dependencies... and

yarn watch

to restart the process. Hey, we're now building with Encore 4! Go team!

Upgrading WebpackEncoreBundle to v2

The biggest change in the Encore world was really the introduction of StimulusBundle. Related to this, in composer.json, symfony/webpack-encore-bundle has a new major version. Change this to ^2.0.

Then spin over and, on your main terminal tab, run:

composer up

By the way, this will fail at the bottom with something related to SensioFrameworkExtraBundle. We... kinda broke our app in the previous chapter while upgrading the framework bundle recipe. We'll fix this in the next chapter, but it's not hurting anything right now.

So what changed between version 1 and 2 of WebpackEncoreBundle? Just one thing: the Twig stimulus_ helper functions - like stimulus_controller() - were removed and moved into the new StimulusBundle. No big deal.

The real tricky part is what I mentioned earlier: as a result of the new bundle, a bunch of recipe parts were rearranged between packages. In addition to the encore_entry() Twig functions moving to WebpackEncoreBundle's recipe, certain files - like assets/controllers.json - were moved from WebpackEncoreBundle's recipe to StimulusBundle's recipe.

This is all good: the new situation is cleaner with Stimulus-related files living in that bundle's recipe. But... it makes for a bit of a mess when upgrading the recipes.

So let's walk through that. Run:

git status

Commit these changes... then run

composer recipes

again. Surprise! There are two new updates! Where did those come from? Well, we just upgraded StimulusBundle and WebpackEncoreBundle and those new versions have new recipe versions.

symfony/stimulus-bundle Recipe Update

Update symfony/stimulus-bundle. This... is where the weird starts. Run:

git status

We have a conflict in assets/controllers.json. This file already existed and the recipe tried to add it. That's because StimulusBundle is now responsible for adding this file... and it's confused because it's already here. Fix this by keeping our controllers.json file exactly how it was.

Add that, then git diff to see the other changes. Ok, it added an import line to app.js. That's also not something we want because... we already have it down here! It's another example of the recipe doing something that's already done. Remove that from the top... then git add that file.

And... everything else is fine. It gave us a new hello_controller.js, which you can keep or remove, and symfony.lock. All good.

symfony/webpack-encore-bundle V2 Recipe Update

Commit that... then onto our final update for WebpackEncoreBundle. This one is particularly strange. Run:

git status

Two conflicts. Many of the files here used to live in WebpackEncoreBundle's recipe, but were moved out of it. So when we upgrade the recipe, it looks like a bunch of stuff should be deleted. In assets/app.js, this file wasn't deleted, but it's trying to remove its guts. Keep it how it was before. Then add it to git.

Next up is package.json. It's... kind of the same thing: it's trying to delete stuff. Don't let it get away with that! Keep our code... then add this file to git too.

Ok, let's see how things look. It wants to delete assets/bootstrap.js - we don't want that - and it also wants to delete controllers.json. We also don't want that. We don't want any of these changes... especially not the letter "G" that I apparently just typed into package.json! There's really only one change we care about: in base.html.twig. Tada! It's adding back encore_entry_link_tags() and encore_entry_script_tags().

That is a good change. For the final file - webpack.config.js - it wants to remove enableStimulusBridge(). Because we are using Stimulus, we do still want that. Run

git reset HEAD

to move everything out of the staging area of git, then

git checkout assets webpack.config.js

to undo those changes. Perfect. We're left with symfony.lock and base.html.twig. Commit those.

And we are good! We're rocking the latest version of WebpackEncoreBundle with the latest version of WebpackEncore and we've gone through that weird, one-time recipe update.

Unfortunately, earlier, we busted our app. So next up: remove SensioFrameworkExtraBundle.