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Upgrading to Symfony 7


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All the relevant deprecations are gone. So we are ready for Symfony 7.0!

Updating composer.json

Doing the actual upgrade is... almost disappointingly easy. In composer.json replace 6.4.* with 7.0.*.

97 lines | composer.json
// ... lines 2 - 4
"require": {
// ... lines 6 - 16
"symfony/asset": "7.0.*",
"symfony/console": "7.0.*",
"symfony/dotenv": "7.0.*",
// ... line 20
"symfony/framework-bundle": "7.0.*",
"symfony/http-client": "7.0.*",
// ... line 23
"symfony/proxy-manager-bridge": "7.0.*",
"symfony/runtime": "7.0.*",
"symfony/twig-bundle": "7.0.*",
// ... lines 27 - 28
"symfony/yaml": "7.0.*",
// ... lines 30 - 31
// ... lines 33 - 80
"extra": {
"symfony": {
// ... line 83
"require": "7.0.*",
// ... line 85
"require-dev": {
// ... line 89
"symfony/debug-bundle": "7.0.*",
// ... line 91
"symfony/stopwatch": "7.0.*",
"symfony/web-profiler-bundle": "7.0.*",
// ... line 94

That's it. Spin over and run:

composer up

Finding Blocking Packages

Brace yourselves because this might not work. Yup! Something is blocking the update! The first thing I see is babdev/pagerfanta-bundle. Apparently, it works with Symfony 4, 5 and 6, but not 7.

There's a good chance that I probably need to upgrade this to a new version that does support Symfony 7. Run:

composer outdated

Sure enough: there are three pagerfanta packages that all have a new major version. In composer.json, search for pagerfanta. Change all of these to ^4.0 to get that new major version.

97 lines | composer.json
// ... lines 2 - 4
"require": {
// ... lines 6 - 8
"babdev/pagerfanta-bundle": "^4.0",
// ... lines 10 - 13
"pagerfanta/doctrine-orm-adapter": "^4.0",
"pagerfanta/twig": "^4.0",
// ... lines 16 - 31
// ... lines 33 - 95

And because this is a major version upgrade, I won't do it, but you should check the repository for each package and find the changelog or release notes that talk about any backwards compatibility breaks between version 3 to 4.

Ok, try the update again:

composer up

And... still no dice! Hmm: it says that the root composer.json - meaning our composer.json - requires symfony/proxy-manager-bridge 7.0.* but it didn't find a version 7.

Sure enough, this package lives directly in our composer.json file. Proxies are something that Doctrine uses behind the scenes to load lazy relationships. Recently, Symfony added its own version of proxies called "ghost objects". They're spooky cool. Anyway, this proxy package isn't needed anymore. It was originally added to our app way back when we installed Doctrine: it used to be part of the orm-pack.

Give it the boot! Then try composer up again:

composer up

This time... it works! Look at all those beautiful Symfony 7 updates! And best of all, when we go to the site, it works too! Of course it does! We handled the deprecations, so there are no surprises when we finally get to 7.0.

Any other Packages to Update

At this point, I like to check to see what other, non-Symfony packages are outdated. Run composer outdated again:

composer outdated

Woh! Just two! doctrine/lexer and a php-parser. To find out why this didn't go to version 3, copy that package name, and run

composer why-not doctrine/lexer 3.0

Hmm: our version of doctrine/orm requires doctrine/lexer version 2. And since we didn't see doctrine/orm as an outdated package, it means that there simply isn't a version of doctrine/orm yet that works with doctrine/lexer 3. And that's fine! That's a low-level package, and we're in no rush.

The other package - php-parser - I can tell you, without even looking, that this is required by symfony/maker-bundle. In its next release, version 5 will be allowed.

New Version Recipes

Because we just updated some packages, run:

composer recipes

Hey! There are two new recipe updates available! To upgrade, first commit our changes... complete with an emoji to celebrate... then run:

composer recipes:update

And git diff --cached to see the changes. This is cool: a bunch of lines gone. These were removed because they are now the default values. The session key no longer needs this stuff - they're all the default values... and same for php_errors and handle_all_throwables. It's just a nice config clean up.

Commit that, then run recipes:update one more time:

composer recipes:update

Check the changes. Same thing: it removes a config option that is now the default. Commit that. Our project is now a little bit cleaner.

So we're on Symfony 7, our app is working and our recipes are updated!

Changing the Namespace for #[Route]!

While we're here, inside a controller, it's highlighting the Route attribute:

Symfony Annotation namespace will be deprecated in Symfony 6.4 /7.0.

Look at the use statement: it has Annotation in the namespace! This class isn't yet deprecated, but it will be soon. And fixing it is simple. Delete the use statement, go down here, click on the class, hit Alt+Enter, Import Class, then get the one from the Attribute namespace.

Copy that... then repeat in the other two controller files. This will save us a deprecation in the future.

Now that we're on Symfony 7, I want to do something optional, but really cool: I want to remove Webpack Encore and replace it with AssetMapper.