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Linking to EasyAdmin from Twig

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Let's go look at the "Show" page for a question that is not approved yet. We have a lot of buttons up here... which is fine. But what if we don't like their order? Like, Delete might make more sense as the last button instead of in the middle.

Ordering Actions

No problem! We can control this inside of configureActions(). At the bottom, after we've set up the actions, call another method - ->reorder() - and pass this the page that we want to reorder them on. In this case, it's Crud::PAGE_DETAIL. Then, very simply, add the names of the actions. We have quite a few... let's start with approve, view... and then the three built-in actions: Action::EDIT, Action::INDEX, and Action::DELETE. These are the five actions that correspond to these five buttons.

... lines 1 - 27
class QuestionCrudController extends AbstractCrudController
... lines 30 - 52
public function configureActions(Actions $actions): Actions
... lines 55 - 84
return parent::configureActions($actions)
... lines 86 - 102
->reorder(Crud::PAGE_DETAIL, [
... lines 111 - 223

Adding Action Icons to the Entire Admin

Now when we refresh... very nice! Though... I'm noticing that it looks a bit odd that some of these have icons and others don't. Let's see if we can add an icon to the Edit and Index actions across our entire admin.

If we want to modify something for all of our admin, we need to do it inside of DashboardController. As we saw earlier, to modify a built-in action, we can call the ->update() function. Pass this the page - Crud::PAGE_DETAIL - the action - Action::EDIT - and then a static function with an Action $action argument. Inside, modify and return the Action at the same time: return $action->setIcon('fa fa-edit').

... lines 1 - 24
class DashboardController extends AbstractDashboardController
... lines 27 - 100
public function configureActions(): Actions
return parent::configureActions()
... line 104
->update(Crud::PAGE_DETAIL, Action::EDIT, static function (Action $action) {
return $action->setIcon('fa fa-edit');
... lines 108 - 110
... lines 112 - 144

Let's do the same thing one more time for the index action button: use Action::PAGE_INDEX... and we'll give this fa fa-list.

... lines 1 - 100
public function configureActions(): Actions
return parent::configureActions()
... lines 104 - 107
->update(Crud::PAGE_DETAIL, Action::INDEX, static function (Action $action) {
return $action->setIcon('fa fa-list');
... lines 112 - 146

Refresh now and... I love it! We see the icons here... and if we go anywhere else - like to an Answer's detail page - the icons are here too.

At this point, we know how to generate a link to any EasyAdminBundle page. If I scroll up a bit... the key is to get the AdminUrlGenerator, and then set whatever you need on it, like the action and CRUD controller.

Go to the Homepage... and click into a question. To make life easier for admin users, I want to put an "Edit" button that takes us directly to the edit action for this specific question. So... how do we generate URLs to EasyAdmin from Twig?

Open the template for this page - templates/question/show.html.twig - and find the <h1>. Here it is. For organization, I'll wrap this in a <div> with class="d-flex justify-content-between".

... lines 1 - 4
{% block body %}
... lines 6 - 37
<div class="col">
<div class="d-flex justify-content-between">
<h1 class="q-title-show">{{ question.name }}</h1>
... lines 41 - 46
... lines 48 - 52
... lines 54 - 93
{% endblock %}

After the h1, add the link... but only for admin users. So {% if is_granted('ROLE_ADMIN') %}... and {% endif %}. Inside <a href=""> - I'll leave the href empty for a moment - with class="text-white". And inside of that, a <span class="fa fa-edit">.

... lines 1 - 4
{% block body %}
... lines 6 - 38
<div class="d-flex justify-content-between">
... lines 40 - 41
{% if is_granted('ROLE_ADMIN') %}
<a class="text-white" href="">
<span class="fa fa-edit"></span>
{% endif %}
... lines 48 - 93
{% endblock %}

Back in our browser, try that. And... hello edit link!

To generate the URL, we need to tell EasyAdmin which CRUD controller, action, and entity ID to use... all stuff we've done in PHP. In Twig, it's nearly the same thing thanks to a shortcut function called ea_url().

This gives us the AdminUrlGenerator object. And so, we can just... call the normal methods, like .setController()... passing the long controller class name. We have to use double slashes so that they don't get escaped, since we're inside of a string. Now add .setAction('edit') and .setEntityId(question.id).

... lines 1 - 41
{% if is_granted('ROLE_ADMIN') %}
<a class="text-white" href="{{ ea_url()
<span class="fa fa-edit"></span>
{% endif %}
... lines 51 - 99

It's a little weird to write this kind of code in Twig, but that's how it's done! Back over here, refresh... and try the button. Got it!

Ok team, last topic! Let's talk about how we can leverage layout panels and other goodies to organize our form into groups, rows, or even tabs on this form page.

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mysiar Avatar

that was easy but how I can do it with delete action ?


Hey mysiar,

IIRC delete action requires the request to be sent via POST method. So, you still generate the link the same way, but generate it for the delete action. And then use the generated URL in the <form action="...">. I.e. you would need to send a POST request to that URL using form... or you can do it via AJAX call, but for this you would need to write some custom JS code. You can look at the delete contoller to see the logic how it works and what data need to send so that it works.

Another alternative solution would be to write a custom method that will delete something "your way" and then return a result you need - probably the simplest (most flexible) one, depends on your task.

I hope this helps!


1 Reply

We should definitely simplify the use of ea_url in twig. This is powerfull tool, but mainly used in one way.


Hey Kslosarz,

Any alternatives for building URLs to EA in Twig templates? :)

This is powerfull tool, but mainly used in one way

What do you mean?


Cat in space

"Houston: no signs of life"
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What PHP libraries does this tutorial use?

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        "doctrine/doctrine-migrations-bundle": "^3.0", // 3.2.1
        "doctrine/orm": "^2.7", // 2.10.4
        "easycorp/easyadmin-bundle": "^4.0", // v4.0.2
        "handcraftedinthealps/goodby-csv": "^1.4", // 1.4.0
        "knplabs/knp-markdown-bundle": "dev-symfony6", // dev-symfony6
        "knplabs/knp-time-bundle": "^1.11", // 1.17.0
        "sensio/framework-extra-bundle": "^6.0", // v6.2.5
        "stof/doctrine-extensions-bundle": "^1.4", // v1.7.0
        "symfony/asset": "6.0.*", // v6.0.1
        "symfony/console": "6.0.*", // v6.0.2
        "symfony/dotenv": "6.0.*", // v6.0.2
        "symfony/flex": "^2.0.0", // v2.0.1
        "symfony/framework-bundle": "6.0.*", // v6.0.2
        "symfony/mime": "6.0.*", // v6.0.2
        "symfony/monolog-bundle": "^3.0", // v3.7.1
        "symfony/runtime": "6.0.*", // v6.0.0
        "symfony/security-bundle": "6.0.*", // v6.0.2
        "symfony/stopwatch": "6.0.*", // v6.0.0
        "symfony/twig-bundle": "6.0.*", // v6.0.1
        "symfony/ux-chartjs": "^2.0", // v2.0.1
        "symfony/webpack-encore-bundle": "^1.7", // v1.13.2
        "symfony/yaml": "6.0.*", // v6.0.2
        "twig/extra-bundle": "^2.12|^3.0", // v3.3.7
        "twig/twig": "^2.12|^3.0" // v3.3.7
    "require-dev": {
        "doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle": "^3.3", // 3.4.1
        "symfony/debug-bundle": "6.0.*", // v6.0.2
        "symfony/maker-bundle": "^1.15", // v1.36.4
        "symfony/var-dumper": "6.0.*", // v6.0.2
        "symfony/web-profiler-bundle": "6.0.*", // v6.0.2
        "zenstruck/foundry": "^1.1" // v1.16.0