JavaScript for PHP Geeks: ReactJS (with Symfony)


What you'll be learning

ReactJS! Woohoo! With ES6 and webpack behind us, we can finally have some serious fun! In this course, we'll introduce ReactJS, get it working through Webpack and starting building a real application. Yes, a real application! We'll identify a set of strategies & best practices to follow to put this super powerful tool under your control!

  • Components & React Architecture
  • Jumping into JSX!
  • All about props & state
  • The component data from: from top to bottom
  • Actual best-practices for creating sane apps
  • Smart/container vs Dumb/presentation components
  • PropTypes!
  • Tricks for managing state without mutating it
  • Making API Calls back to Symfony (and authentication) with fetch
  • Working with server-side validation
  • Handling collections in React
  • Dealing with forms (refs vs controlled inputs)
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Frank de Jonge Ryan Weaver

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