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Form Theming a Single Field

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The last thing we need to do is fix this "agree to terms" checkbox. It doesn't look that bad... but this markup is not the markup that we had before.

This fix for this is... interesting. We want to override how the form_row is rendered... but only for this one field - not for everything. Sure, we could override the checkbox_row block... because this is the only checkbox on this form. But... could we get even more specific? Can we create a form theme block that only applies to a single field? Totally!

Go back and open the web debug toolbar for the form system. Click on the agreeTerms field and scroll down to the "View Variables". A few minutes ago we looked at this block_prefixes variable. When you render the "row" for a field, Symfony will first look for a block that starts with _user_registration_form_agreeTerms. So, _user_registration_form_agreedTerms_row. If it doesn't find that, which of course it will not, it falls back to the other prefixes, and eventually uses form_row.

Creating the Form Theme Block

To customize just this one field, copy that long block name and use it to create a new{% block _user_registration_form_agreeTerms_row %}, then {% endblock %}. Inside, let's literally copy the old HTML and paste.

Try it! Find the main browser tab and refresh. Whoops!

A template that extends another cannot include content outside Twig blocks.

Yep, I pasted that in the wrong spot. Let's move it into the block. Come back and try that again. Yea! The checkbox moved back into place. Yep, the markup is exactly what we just pasted in.

Customizing with Variables

This is nice... but it's totally hardcoded! For example, if there's a validation error, it would not show up! No problem! Remember all of those variables we have access to inside form theme blocks? Let's put those to use!

First, inside, call {{ form_errors(form) }} to make sure any validation errors show up. I can also call form_help() if I wanted to, but we're not using that feature on this field.

Second: this name="_terms" is a problem because the form is expecting a different name. And so, this field won't process correctly. Replace this with the very handy full_name variable.

78 lines | templates/security/register.html.twig
// ... lines 1 - 17
{% block _user_registration_form_agreeTerms_row %}
<div class="checkbox mb-3">
{{ form_errors(form) }}
<input type="checkbox" name="{{ full_name }}" required> Agree to terms I for sure read
{% endblock %}
// ... lines 26 - 78

And... I think that's all I care about! Yes, we could get fancier, like using the id variable... if we cared. Or, we could use the errors variable to print a special error class if errors is not empty. It's all up to you.

The point is: get as fancy as your situation requires. Try the page one more time. It looks good and it will play nice with our form.

Next: let's learn how to create our own, totally custom field type! We'll eventually use it to create a special email text box with autocompletion to replace our author select drop-down.