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The Server & New IsGranted

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Time to try our app! First, in .env, change the database name to symfony3_tutorial, or whatever the database name was called when you first setup the project. Now when we run doctrine:migrations:status... yes! We have a full database!

Installing the Server

Let's start the built-in web server:

./bin/console server:run


There are no commands defined in the "server" namespace.

Remember: with Flex, you opt in to features. Run:

composer require server

When it finishes, run:

./bin/console server:run

Interesting - it started on localhost:8001. Ah, that's because the old server is still running and hogging port 8000! And woh! It's super broken: we've removed a ton of files it was using. Hit Ctrl+C to stop the server. Ah! It's so broken it doesn't want to stop! It's taking over! Close that terminal!

Start the server again:

./bin/console server:run

It still starts on port 8001, but that's fine! Go back to your browser and load http://localhost:8001. Ha! It works! Check it out: Symfony 4.0.1.

Surf around to see if everything works: go to /genus. Looks great! Now /admin/genus. Ah! Looks terrible!

To use the @Security tag, you need to use the Security component and the ExpressionLanguage component.

The New @IsGranted

Hmm. Let's do some digging! Open src/AppBundle/Controller/Admin/GenusAdminController.php. Yep! Here is the @Security annotation from FrameworkExtraBundle. The string we're passing to it is an expression, so we need to install the ExpressionLanguage.

But wait! I have a better idea. Google for SensioFrameworkExtraBundle and find its GitHub page. Click on releases: the latest is 5.1.3. What version do we have? Open composer.json: woh! We're using version 3! Ancient!

Let's update this to ^5.0.

82 lines | composer.json
// ... lines 2 - 16
"require": {
// ... lines 18 - 23
"sensio/framework-extra-bundle": "^5.0",
// ... lines 25 - 42
// ... lines 44 - 80

Then, run:

composer update sensio/framework-extra-bundle

to update just this library. Like with any major upgrade, look for a CHANGELOG to make sure there aren't any insane changes that will break your app.

So... why are we upgrading? So glad you asked: because the new version has a feature I really like! As soon as Composer finishes, go back to GenusAdminController. Instead of using @Security, use @IsGranted.

// ... lines 1 - 12
// ... line 15
class GenusAdminController extends Controller
// ... lines 18 - 97

This is similar, but simpler. For the value, you only need to say: ROLE_MANAGE_GENUS.

Try it - refresh! Yes! We're sent to the login page - that's good! Sign in with password iliketurtles.

At this point... we're done! Unless... you want to move all of your classes from AppBundle directly into src/. I do! And it's much easier than you might think.