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Using More Fields: email and repeated

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Using More Fields: email and repeated

We have just one password box, so lets turn this into 2 boxes by using the repeated field type. Let’s also change the email field to be an email type:

// src/Yoda/UserBundle/Controller/RegisterController.php

public function registerAction()
    $form = $this->createFormBuilder()
        ->add('username', 'text')
        ->add('email', 'email')
        ->add('password', 'repeated', array(
            'type' => 'password',

    // ..

The repeated field type is special because it actually renders two fields, in this case, password fields. If the two values don’t match, a validation error will show up. If you refresh, you’ll see the 2 fields. Oh no, attack of the clones!

The email field looks the same, but if you inspect it, you’ll see that it’s an input email field, an HTML5 field type that should be used:

<input type="email" ... />

Head over to Symfony’s documentation and go into the Reference Section. There, you’ll find a page called Form Field Type Reference. This is awesome: it shows you all of the built-in field types and the options you can pass to each. For example, if you click repeated, it shows you how to customize the error message that shows up if the fields don’t match and some other stuff. Use this section to your advantage!

The Repeated Fields and “Compound” fields

Now look back at our 2 password fields. This highlights a very special aspect about the way forms work. Specifically, a single field may in fact be one or many fields:

    <!-- -->
    <input type="password" id="form_password_first" name="form[password][first]" required="required" />

    <!-- -->
    <input type="password" id="form_password_second" name="form[password][second]" required="required" />

When you use the repeated field type, it creates two sub-fields called “first” and “second”. To see what I’m talking about, replace the form_row that renders the password field with two lines: one that renders the first box and one that renders the second:

{# src/Yoda/UserBundle/Resources/views/Register/register.html.twig #}
{# ... #}

{{ form_row(form.username) }}
{{ form_row(form.email) }}
{{ form_row(form.password.first) }}
{{ form_row(form.password.second) }}

{# ... #}


When a field is actually several fields, it’s called a compound field.

When we refresh, we see exactly the same thing. I just wanted to highlight how password is really now two fields, and we can render them individually or both at once.

If this feels confusing, don’t worry! This concept is a little bit more advanced.

Customizing Field Labels

Since “first” and “second” are, well, terrible labels, let’s change them! One way to do this is by adding a second argument to form_row and passing a label key:

{# src/Yoda/UserBundle/Resources/views/Register/register.html.twig #}
{# ... #}

{{ form_row(form.password.first, {
    label: 'Password'
}) }}

{{ form_row(form.password.second, {
    label: 'Repeat Password'
}) }}

Refresh! Much better!