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Remember Me Functionality

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Remember Me Functionality

I want to leave you with just one more tip. We talked a bit about the remember me functionality, but we didn’t actually see how to use it. Activate the feature by adding the remember_me entry to your firewall and giving it a secret, random key:

# app/config/security.yml
    # ...
            # ...
                key: "Order 1138"


You can also use a secret parameter from parameters.yml as a remember me key to centralize secret key management for the entire application.

Next, open the login template and add a field named _remember_me:

{# src/Yoda/UserBundle/Resources/views/Login/login.html.twig #}
{# ... #}

<form ...>

    Remember me <input type="checkbox" name="_remember_me" />
    <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary pull-right">login</button>

This works a bit like login does: as long as we have a _remember_me checkbox and it’s checked, Symfony will take care of everything automatically.

Try it out! After logging in, we now have a REMEMBERME cookie. Let’s clear our session cookie to make sure it’s working. When I refresh, my session is gone but I’m still logged in. Nice! Click anywhere on the web debug toolbar to get into the profiler. Next, click on the “Logs” tab. If you look closely, you can even see some logs for the remember me login process:

DEBUG - Remember-me cookie detected.
INFO - Remember-me cookie accepted.
DEBUG - SecurityContext populated with remember-me token.

Ok gang, that’s all for now! I hope I’ll see you in future Knp screencasts. And remember to check out KnpBundles.com if you’re curious about all the open source bundles that you can bring into your app. Seeya next time!