Symfony 5 Security: Authenticators

This course is in the planning stages

It's security time! Symfony 5.3 comes with a reimagined version of its security system and I ❤️it! Yes, it's still super flexible & dependable. But the "guts" have been streamlined and simplified, making it easier to get your job done and giving you readable code if you need to dive into the core.

In this course, we'll go from an introduction into Symfony security into a full-blown application with users, permissions, custom voters and multiple ways to authenticate:

  • Generating your User class with make:user
  • Security & Firewall Fundamentals
  • Creating a custom login form with an authenticator
  • CSRF protection
  • API token authentication system
  • User Providers (why you need them, but don't care)
  • Password Hashing
  • Logging out!
  • Protecting entire URLs with access_control(s)
  • Checking access with roles! ROLE_USER
  • Denying access in a controller
  • What are voters?
  • Role hierarchies
  • Impersonation (switch_user)
  • Automatic Login (after Registration)
  • Hooking into security with events!

So let's make:user & make:auth our way to... make:profit... or at least to a great security system!

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