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Keynote (Fabien Potencier)

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Symfony Live Warsaw 2019 presentation by Fabien Potencier.

Talk Abstract

In the keynote, Symfony lead-developer Fabien Potencier talks about the Symfony 4 experience: what it is, why it's different and why it's special.

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Lijana Z. Avatar
Lijana Z. Avatar Lijana Z. | posted 3 years ago

I noticed that you mark videos as watched even if I just skipped lot of them, so from the whole video maybe watched a minute. I dont count this as watched :) is this a bug or feature?


Hey Lijana Z.!

It's tough to measure "watched" when it comes to videos... and often times skipping some of it is totally ok. I believe our logic is related to watching to a certain point... so if you skip ahead, that will trick it. It's, by necessity, an "honors system" :).


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